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So sorry I’ve been away so long!

Hello friends!
I apologize for the delay in the blog posts! We moved into our new home this past weekend and we’ve just been going, going, going! I’m still getting used to my new kitchen, it’s beautiful and new, but unfortunately I don’t have a gas stove in this house šŸ˜¦ I made some chili and cornbread last night and the oven took forever to preheat! We have gas in the house though so I think in a few months or whenever we can we’d like to have a gas stove put in as well as switching our wood burning fire place over to an electric one. There are so many little projects we want to do around here. It’s so exciting, but also so scary knowing this is ours now and that we’re responsible for everything! Eek! Still exciting though!!
With all the moving and everything I haven’t been able to cook as much as I’ve wanted to, however I have made some things that have been great! Now I just need to play catch up and work on getting all the recipes posted and the pictures uploaded. In my exhaustion I totally forgot to take a picture of the chili or cornbread last night, so I’ll leave those for another day when I can put a picture with it.
I probably won’t be posting for a bit in a week or so, Paisley and I are jetting off to Colorado to visit some of my family. I’m so looking forward to the trip and having a vacation from all this moving business. Not to mention the most important part, spending time with my family! Paisley will get to meet some of her cousins she’s never met before šŸ™‚ I however am not looking forward to this plane ride with a very squirmy toddler! Wish me loads of luck, I scheduled the flight quite early so I’m hoping my little sweet pea will sleep at least part of the way, we’ll see I guess!
Ok, well stay tuned and I’ll post some recipes from the last few days!

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