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French Dip Sandwiches

One of my favorite parts about cooking pot roasts is having the leftover meat to make French Dips the next day! It’s such a nice quick meal, and we’re all about eating leftovers in our house. I think the roast and the gravy drippings from it actually got better the second day. My husband even said it was the best French Dip he’d ever had, score!!

* leftover pot roast meat
* leftover juices from the pot roast ( just strain out the bits of meat and save the liquids from the crockpot)
* an au jus seasoning packet
* some good French bread or other bread to make your sandwiches out of
* butter for spreading on your sandwiches

Pour the leftover juices from the roast into a saucepan and heat it up. There will be some hardened fat clumps in the liquid probably, but don’t worry about those. They are naturally occurring and will just melt into your liquid once it heats up. I know it looks and sounds sort of gross, I usually scrape the big chunks off the top after the liquid has been refrigerated, but it’s hard to get it all. You won’t even know they’re there once it’s all heated, promise!


Heat up the liquid until right before it starts to boil. Then, add in your au jus seasoning packet and whisk. Let it come to a boil and then turn it down to simmer.


Add in your leftover roast right into the liquid. This is just something we do it our house, it just makes the meat nice and warm and coated with the delicious gravy au jus. You can always heat the meat separately and then place it on your sandwich, it would probably be a lot less messy that way! We don’t mind a bit of messy food now and then though, after all we do have a toddler in the house šŸ™‚


Toast your bread and butter it, then place your meat on the sandwich and serve up a little au jus in a bowl on the side. If you go with the messy sandwich way, you really don’t even need the au jus to dip it in, but it’s so good! I just popped some tater tots in the oven to serve with these sandwiches. Tater tots are one of the few frozen, processed food items I do buy. They are just so yummy and perfect for this kind of a meal, when you need a fast side. I also just had regular wheat sandwich bread for our sandwiches, so thats what I used. They would be super tasty with some nice crusty french bread also, mmm! I also sliced up a cucumber, however, it’s not pictured because cucumbers are a treat in our house, and a certain little baby won’t eat anything else if she spies them beforehand, little peanut šŸ˜‰


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