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Homemade Mac and Cheese with Smoked Sausage

Before I go any further, I just have to say that this is not a healthy recipe by any means. There’s sausage, pasta, and lots of cheese! It’s certainly a rich meal and one for a splurge night, my family loves it and doesn’t complain when I tell them this is for dinner!

– 1 package beef smoked sausage
– half a box of any pasta of your choice, I like bow ties with this recipe
– a bunch of shredded cheddar cheese, I usually just guesstimate, but I would say its close to 3 1/2 cups (I warned you there was A LOT of cheese)!
– splash of milk

Start by slicing up your smoked sausage and placing it in a pan. Cook the sausage over medium heat, turning the slices over once, so they get a nice brown color. While your sausage is cooking, bring a medium sized pan of water to boil. Once the water is boiling, add in your pasta.
Once your sausage is cooked, remove it from the pan and place it on a paper towel lined plate. This will absorb some of the excess grease. Drain your pasta and place it back into your warm pot. Add the cheese and a splash of milk, keep stirring it until the cheese is totally melted. Add in the sausage at this time and give it another good stir!
Serve with some veggies on the side or mixed in, to make this a tad bit healthy! šŸ˜‰ Enjoy!








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