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Sharpie mugs!

I’ve seen these adorable mugs that people make, and just fell in love with them! I made a bunch for some family and friends for Christmas and they came out really cute 🙂 I’ve read different versions of how to make them, and this way seems like the best for keeping the ink on. I have not tried this myself and am not 100% sure that the ink will not come off in the dishwasher, so it might be best to hand wash them just to be certain it stays intact.
Here is my method:

– ceramic mugs, I just bought mine at the dollar store
– sharpie pen
– oven
– cookie tray
– rubbing alcohol

Start by cleaning your mug with rubbing alcohol. This will take any of the oils from people’s hands off the mug and make the ink stay better. Once dry, decorate your mug with the sharpie any way you desire.
Place the mugs on your cookie sheet and place them in your cold oven. Turn your oven to 350F and let the mugs warm up in the oven to temperature. Once your oven reaches 350F bake your mugs for 30 minutes. Once the time is up, turn off the oven and leave the mugs in to cool off completetly. This is supposed to help the ink set better than just baking and removing them.
Once cooled completely, remove the mugs and wrap up! I placed a packet of single serve hot chocolate mix in each one as well as dipping a plastic spoon in chocolate and rolling them in marshmallows.



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