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Valentine’s Day Wreath

Hi friends!
Can you believe it’s getting to be that time of the year already? I feel like we just had Christmas! I made a beautiful a Valentine’s Day wreath, and it got so much positive feedback that I have to share how I did it with you! I used a tutorial that I found on Pinterest so I’ll post that below, but I just wanted to give a few “Mariah tips” for you that might make things easier.

The most time consuming part of this wreath is tracing and cutting out the felt circles. I just bought regular red felt at the fabric store and it cut perfectly. Also, you’ll want to make a circular template that is 3 inches in diameter. I just traced the top of one of Paisley’s sippy cup lids and that was the perfect size. I didn’t count my felt circles after I cut them all out, but I’m going to guess there were about 150, based on how many straight pins it appeared I had left from my box of 250.
The great thing about this project is you really can’t mess up! Once you get your rhythm going with the pinning the fabric to the heart foam wreath, it’s really easy, and goes pretty quick too. You don’t have to cover the back of the wreath either, just do enough so that you can’t see any white left on the wreath.
Also, at the end, I just made a loop with some ribbon and secured it with a ton of straight pins, then took a larger ribbon and looped it through smaller loop and tied it at the top to hang from my wreath hanger on my door (sorry, I hope that makes sense)!
Ok, well I think that’s pretty much it. I’ll post my pictures and then the link. Happy crafting! Also, the pictures make the wreath’s color look a bit faded and pink, but in reality it’s a deep red color. Although I’m sure you could buy a nice pink felt, and that would look super pretty too!






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