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Busy Bag Ladybugs!

I recently got invited to a “busy bag exchange”, which is essentially a get together of moms with toddlers, where everyone makes a craft in a bag and then you swap. Depending on how many moms participate, you can really collect quite a few different crafts for your little ones. I think the idea of the exchange is to have different crafts that you can take in your purse and entertain the little tots at appts, grocery shopping, car rides, etc. This sounded like such a fun exchange to me, and I loved the idea of having a bunch of different crafts at the ready for whenever! I also am a big time crafter and I thought it sounded like something right up my alley! If you search “busy bags” on Pinterest there are tons and tons of activities that you can find, I sort of just came up with my idea from a quiet book that my Aunt had made me when I was younger.
So, my craft that I decided to do was a felt ladybug with velcro dots 🙂 this ended up being sort of like my stocking project and was a bit more than I bargained for when I started out. However, I’m really happy with the results and Paisley loves putting the spots on her ladybug and taking them off, AND she hasn’t destroyed it yet, yay!

So here’s how I made them:

– black and red felt, depending on how many you’re doing I would say a yard of the red, and a 1/2 yard of the black. This was enough for me to make 10 ladybugs out of.
– black velcro, I just bought it in the package from the fabric store, it will come with two pieces, a fuzzy side, and the rough side.
– needle and thread
– a hot glue gun
– cardboard to make your ladybug template out of
– thin black sharpie
– small circle template for the dots

Begin by tracing a large oval (for the body) and then a smaller circle (for the head) on a piece of cardboard. Trace the shape of your ladybug onto your red felt (however many times you need) and cut out your ladybugs. Then do it again a second time, so each ladybug will have two pieces of red felt (or two bodies). This just helps to make them thicker and has more substance for little hands to hold onto.
Next, do the same thing on the black felt, but with the circle template for the dots. You’ll want to do multiple dots per ladybug. I did 4 dots for each ladybug. Cut out your dots and place them in a pile.
Now, place the velcro’s together (the fuzzy side and the rough side), and cut the long strip into uniform pieces. You’ll need one cut of velcro for each dot.
Start hot glueing each piece of velcro to the dot and the top layer of felt. So you’ll glue the rough side to the ladybug body and the other piece, the fuzzy side to the dot. Then, once you put them together, your dot will velcro to the lady bug body 🙂
After you have all the dots glued and velcroed, start sewing up the two ladybug red felt bodies together.
As a final touch, you can freehand and cut out some antennas for the ladybug’s heads. This step isn’t necessary really, but I think it makes them look that much cuter 🙂
Place them in gallon ziploc bags and stash them, send them, or gift them to the littles in your life 🙂
Have fun! I promise all the work is worth it 🙂










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