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Mickey Mouse Head Silhouettes

I’ve been planning this Mickey Mouse party for my daughter’s second birthday for months now. I really wanted to do something different and unique for the center pieces. So, I thought of taking the inspiration for my Valentine’s wreath (see Valentine’s Day wreath post) and applying the same technique for the Mickey heads. I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out, but was pleasantly surprised that they came together just how I had envisioned 🙂

– 1 yard of black felt
– 1 yard of red felt
– 2 medium sized styrofoam balls (for the mouse heads)
– 4 smaller styrofoam balls (for the mouse ears)
– close to 500 straight pins (I know it seems like A TON, but I promise they’ll go super fast)!
– scissors
– a 3-inch in diameter circle template
– a black sharpie
– a hot glue gun
– 2 thick wooden skewers
– 2 clear vases
– tissue paper


Begin by tracing and cutting out your circles. I’m not sure how many circles I cut out, but it was probably close to 500, because I used close to that many straight pins. Now, this is for the full 2 Mickey heads, you can certainly scale it down to just making one, and it wouldn’t be so much work. This project probably took me close to a week to complete. So, it’s not a speedy project, but I just worked on it at nap times and bedtimes, so if you work on it more often, it probably won’t take you as long. The results though are really cute and I think are absolutely worth the time and effort! 🙂
Once you get your circles cut out, start by folding a circle in half, and then in half again. Pin your straight pin straight down through both layers and attach to the styrofoam ball. You’ll want to keep pinning in a straight line and just working your way down.
Once you get close to covering the ball, leave a few appropriate spacial openings so that you can glue the ears to the head. Glue on the ears to the head, and hold it firmly for a few minutes so it adheres correctly. Also, a tip, don’t glue the ears on until you have the head covered in the fabric. It will make it a lot harder to keep the ears secured while you’re trying to pin the fabric onto the head.
Insert a wooden skewer into the bottom of the head once completed, and set on a clear vase. My pictures don’t show it, but I plan on filling the vases with coordinating tissue paper, (which will hide the skewer) and put a “2” on the outside of the vases. I’ll post the completed picture once I get them all done.
I hope you enjoy your center pieces!

















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