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Folding Party Napkins

I’ve been literally “wrapping” up the odds and ends for the party, and one thing was to wrap up the silverware!
I wanted it to look cute and to coordinate with the rest of my party decor, so I used red napkins and the same twine that I used with the banners. I couldn’t find any good tutorials online that I liked, so I just sort of played around until I came up with a wrap job that I was pleased with. I’m going to try and relay my instructions as best as I can, and hope that they make sense!

Start with a plain paper napkin, you could probably use this same technique with a cloth napkin as well.
Unfold it, and lay it flat so that the longer edges are on the sides and the shorter sides are on the top and bottom.


Next, fold the left side into the right side, so that it’s forming a triangle shape, with a border at the top.


Now, take that right hand bottom corner, and fold it to meet the left hand corner of the triangle. Rotate it just a hair, so that an upside down triangle is facing you, with the border edge on top.


Now, insert your silverware, I put my fork over my spoon and it worked well. Insert the silverware in the pocket that the napkin creates, about 2-3 inches from the right hand edge of the napkin.


Now, fold the top corner down to where it’s forming a point.


Next, take your folded point and bring it across the silverware creating an angle. Now, you’ll start rolling the silverware from right to left.



You should come out with a nice looking even point at the end of the silverware bottom. If it’s not even, just rotate your silverware, so that you achieve that point on the bottom. I think the bottom is really cute, and makes it look elegant šŸ™‚

Now, flip the roll over and take the little tail end of the napkin that you have left and fold it back once.


Flip the silverware roll back over gently, making sure you hold the back in place, and secure with twine or a ribbon. Make sure you get it wrapped around the tail part too, so none of it is sticking out.


Isn’t this a super cute way of wrapping silverware? I plan to fill Mason jars with them and display them on the tables, with my “mouseketools” sign at the Mickey Mouse party šŸ™‚






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