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Copycat Recipe of Red Robin’s Freckled Lemonade

Hi guys,
For Paisley’s party I had purchased a really pretty decanter and wanted to serve some type of a pretty redish punch, to match with the Mickey theme. After a lot of Pinterest parousing I finally settled on Strawberry Lemonade. It seemed like a great, non alcoholic drink to serve at a 2 year olds birthday party, and really refreshing for Spring. The best strawberry lemonade I have ever had is Red Robin’s freckled lemonade, so I went searching for a copycat recipe. I did find so e copycat recipe’s that sounded pretty close, but I had already gone to the grocery store about a million times and I just decided to wing it. I normally am not a “wing it” kind of a person, I’m very organized, follow recipes exactly, dislike clutter, etc. type of person. This was a pretty bold move coming from me and especially on the day of Paisley’s party! Now, I did have the basics for strawberry lemonade, but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to execute it. Hubby gave me a few ideas (he’s a “wing it” type of person naturally) and I sort of just went with it. Would you believe that the lemonade came out awesome and really close to RR’s version! It was pretty freeing actually, I still don’t know that I’ll venture out into those waters again for the most part, but it did feel good just to trust myself, my husband, and my intuition 🙂

So here’s what I did:


-5 cans of lemonade concentrate
– 3-4 cans of cold water
– 4-5 cups of strawberries (For half of them, I just pulled out some frozen ones and let them defrost in the bag, making their own juices). The other half I used fresh, this was mainly just because it was what I had around.
– 1 lemon, sliced
– sugar, to taste, I think I did about 3-4 cups since it’s quite a bit of liquid.

Begin by opening your cans of lemonade and pouring them into your decanter/punch bowl. Next, pour the water over the lemonade and give it a stir.
Blend the frozen and fresh strawberries together with a teaspoon or two of sugar and a little bit of water. Make sure it’s really well blended and is basically a liquid, it’s ok to have some chunky parts though. The unpulvarized bits are yummy actually and add a nice texture.
Now, mix your strawberry purée into your lemonade. Add in your sugar and make sure you dissolve it completely. I would start with about 2 cups, taste and adjust accordingly.
Place your lemons and some of your fresh strawberries to float on top.
That’s it! Enjoy! 🙂

I apologize that I did not get any closer pictures of the Strawberry Lemonade. You at least can get an idea of the size of decanter I used).



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