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Boneless Country Pork Ribs

Hubby and I are not big traditional rib fans, we both have an issue with all the fat there is and just don’t really like the messiness of ribs either. My inlaws feel the same way but made this awesome recipe for us the last time we were visiting. They are still pork ribs, but are boneless and have virtually no fat. I found a big pack at Costco for under $20.00 and what I made tonight was only 1/3 of the package! The ribs were so tender and about fell apart as I was scooping them out of the crockpot, they are pure meat and like I mentioned before virtually no fat. A+ in our book! 🙂 Even our two year old gobbled them up, and if you have little ones, I’m sure you know what a struggle it is to get them to eat some days!

– 7-8 boneless country pork ribs
– salt and pepper
– red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper if you want some heat
– 1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce

Place your ribs in the crockpot, season them with some salt, pepper, and cayenne and/or red pepper flakes. Pour a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce over the top. Cook on low for 8 hours. I served ours with a side of pasta and a veggie, but bread would be good and so would corn on the cob or potato salad for summer. Super yummy and so easy! Also you can add a bit more BBQ sauce on for more “saucy” ribs and to create more of the traditional messy rib experience 😉








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